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Deploy customized pricing strategies.

Pricecanopy allows you to build creative Amazon repricing rules that win the buy box and maximize your profits. We fetch data on your competitors in real time. You define automated pricing rules that fit for your business.

Unlike other repricing tools, Pricecanopy is built on the all-new Amazon Subscriptions API. This means that you can compete solely against Featured Merchants, target or exclude competitors by Seller ID and much more.

Gather competitive intelligence.

Keeping an eye on the competition is important. Pricecanopy makes it easy by providing you with a competitors report that shows your top competitors, their fufillment system, ship-from locations and merchant status.

Using Pricecanopy, you also have access to historical pricing data on all of your open Amazon listings. You can use this data to inform your decisions about purchasing, minimum prices and automated repricing scenarios.

Monitor and audit pricing feeds.

Your Amazon account is important to us. That's why Pricecanopy gives you complete transparency into the data we exchange with Amazon on your behalf. All Pricecanopy clients can browse our user-friendly pricing log, or dive into the XML and view the raw Amazon pricing feeds that we created based on your pricing rules. You can even see the raw pricing notifications that Amazon sends us about your competitors.

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