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Deploy customized pricing strategies.

Using Pricecanopy, you can activate creative Amazon repricing rules that win the buy box where appropriate and maximize your profits. Pricecanopy is built on the all-new Amazon Subscriptions API, released in 2013. This allows you to compete against Featured Merchants only, filter out specific competitors (including Amazon itself) and much more.

Gather competitive intelligence.

Keeping an eye on the competition is important. Pricecanopy makes it easy by providing you with a competitors report that shows your top competitors, their fufillment system, ship-from locations and merchant status. You can also track and compare your historical prices with the lowest and buy box prices where data is available.

Monitor and audit pricing feeds.

Pricecanopy offers you complete transparency into the pricing changes posted to Amazon. You can view and download the raw XML pricing feeds sent to Amazon as well as the XML price change notifications received from Amazon by Pricecanopy.

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